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1 Source Ground Beef

9 Pack - $99.50

Our premium ground beef is made with all the best cuts of American Black Angus, no trimmings. We use the whole brisket, ribeye, chuck, sirloin, & rib which means each bite is the most flavorful and highest quality ground beef you have ever tasted.

In addition, each pound is fully traceable and contains meat from only 1 animal that has been born and raised on U.S. farms and humanely handled from farm to harvest.

1 Source Ground Beef is vacuum sealed and lasts up to a year frozen or up to 21 days in your fridge with no loss of flavor.

Learn more about 1 Source Ground Beef and what makes it superior to all other ground beef by clicking here.

To ensure freshness, orders are shipped every Monday.

1 Source Ground Beef 9 Pack
1 Source Ground Beef in package
1 Source Ground Beef Package Back
1 Source Ground Beef Package Open
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