Our Standards are not the Standard.

They are the Exception.


We are driven everyday to make sure our products consistently exceed expectations. Our ultimate mission is to serve those that value HOW we do things.


Zephyr Foods was founded by industry veterans on the premise that success can and should be built on integrity.

We believe in quality products, quality people, and the promise that neither will let our customers down. This is our value statement, and it drives everything we do. It's why we're honest with our products. It's why we're committed to food that's as natural as possible. It's why we have brands like 1 Source ground beef that's 100% traceable to a single animal. It's also why we have Kosher products that inherently have a higher level of quality than any other label.

We're committed to food that's as natural as possible.


Because we honor our values, you can trust that all of our products will live up to our ridiculously high expectations. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Ultimately, we believe food should sustain us, enrich us, and fuel us. It should taste great, and we should feel good about it! So when it comes to our commitment to selling food with integrity, our standards are not the standard, they're the exception.

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