Zephyr Foods | Why is 1 Source The Best Ground Beef?

Why is 1 Source The Best Ground Beef?

If you've read any food headlines recently, you may be asking yourself some questions about ground beef. Is there going to be a meat shortage? If there is a shortage, how can I best store and use my ground beef? How long is ground beef good after thawing? How to defrost ground beef fast? What are some dishes to make with ground beef? Here we'll answer some of those questions and how we are working hard at Zephyr Foods to be a delicious solution for your ground beef needs.

The big question first – is there a meat shortage? The short answer, a little. If you want to learn more about meat shortages, especially at your local grocery store or other retail establishments, our CEO, Michael, does a great job of explaining the ins-and-outs of meat shortages in a worldwide pandemic in this podcast. If you are worried about a shortage of meat, we have plenty! Peek at our story highlights on Instagram to find out where you can buy 1 Source locally in Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas, as well as Tulsa and Edmond, OK. Not in Arkansas or Oklahoma? Pop into our web store – we ship!

How long is ground beef good after thawing? When you buy conventional ground beef from your local grocery store, you usually have a day or two to use or freeze it to ensure safety and quality. If you freeze it, you still only have a couple of days after thawing to use it. 1 Source ground beef, though, is packaged in a unique vacuum sealed tray to preserve quality and ensure safety. Instead of a two days, you actually get a 21 day shelf-life in the refrigerator with 1 Source ground beef. Who hasn't thawed out a pound of ground beef or brought a pound home from your local grocery store and didn't use it in time because life got in the way? A 21 day shelf-life gives you incredible flexibility in your meal planning so you don't throw valuable food and value dollars in the trash!

What about thawing ground beef? While it's best to thaw ground beef in the refrigerator, sometimes you might need to thaw it more quickly. That might leave you wondering how to quickly defrost ground beef safely. The next best method for quickly and safely defrosting ground beef it to thaw it under cool water. 1 Source ground beef packaging to the rescue again! That vacuum sealed tray also serves as the perfect vehicle for quickly thawing ground beef in cool water because the tray allows the water to flow around the ground beef – take the ground beef out of the box and fill up the tray to get to your favorite burger fast!

What are some dishes you can make with ground beef? Check out our recipe page and social accounts for ideas. We've also compiled a few of our favorites here:

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't answer the ultimate question - why is 1 Source ground beef the best ground beef out there? Because it's made of high-quality cuts of meats from a single U.S. black angus – all the premium steaks cuts, the whole brisket, ribeye, chuck, sirloin, rib and tri-tip, are all ground together for outstanding flavor in each one pound package. 1 Source is unmatched in quality, flavor and traceability!

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Jill Turley, MS, RD/LD

Jill Turley is the Chief Creative Officer at Real Noshes. She is a registered dietitian, joyous eater, lover of the kitchen and fan of keeping life simple. She resides in Northwest Arkansas and is mom to a four-year-old whackadoodle and equally whacky bernedoodle. Follow her food adventures on Instagram @realnoshes and check-out www.realnoshes.com for more resources and kitchen fun.


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