Make Smash Burgers at Home!

Smash Burger on Cutting Board

If you are staying close to home this summer, but you have a craving for a diner-style burger, look no further! Today we are laying out the steps for creating the best smash burger right from the comfort of your own home. Our friend Bryan, who you might remember from his award-winning jambalaya recipe, inspired us to give this tasty treat a try. We loved how fun these burgers were to make, as well as how incredibly delicious they were. We felt like we were transported right to our favorite burger dive without ever having to leave home!

Of course, the best burger starts with the most flavorful ground beef out there - 1 Source ground beef. If you need to stock up, check out our web store

Next, gather the equipment you will need to rock your smash burger making. We used our favorite, a cast iron skillet on the grill, but you can use whatever you have as a cooking surface - a flat top grill, a griddle on the stove top or grill or a skillet on the stove top or grill. If you have a burger press, dig that out of your kitchen tool drawer. No burger press, no worries! There will be something in your kitchen you can use to smash those burgers - a thick spatula, a skillet or even a heavy bottom pot. Whatever you have, you can make it work. 

Dice up an onion. Heat a couple of tablespoons of butter over medium heat on whatever surface you are using to cook. Sauté the onion in the butter until translucent, then remove to a bowl and cover with foil to keep warm. 

Smash Burger Onions Sautéing

Now we get to the meat! From one pound of 1 Source ground beef, form 4-6 meatballs, depending on how big you want your burger. We like to double-stack our smash burgers, but you can stack as high as you want to go with yours! 

After you have removed the onions, place the meatballs on the hot griddle or skillet, right in that delicious butter where you just fried those onions. And now comes the fun part - the smashing! Use the burger press, spatula, or heavy skillet or pot to smash those meatballs into thin patties as they cook. 

CAUTION: Do this step carefully! Salt and pepper the patties as they cook. Flip once, then sprinkle with a little more salt and pepper.

Smash Burger Meat Cooking

Just before your burgers are done, top with the cheese of your choice and let it get melty and gooey. We used slices of white American cheese.

Smash Burger Cheese Melting

Stack two patties (or more if you're getting crazy!) on a toasted bun. Top with the fried onions and your favorite burger trimmings. 

We are confident your friends or family will be wowed as they bite into that juicy smash burger that's sure to remind them of their favorite local diner!

Smash Burger on Cutting Board

Written By

Jill Turley, MS, RD/LD

Jill Turley is the Chief Creative Officer at Real Noshes. She is a registered dietitian, joyous eater, lover of the kitchen and fan of keeping life simple. She resides in Northwest Arkansas and is mom to a four-year-old whackadoodle and equally whacky bernedoodle. Follow her food adventures on Instagram @realnoshes and check-out for more resources and kitchen fun.


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