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1 Source Ground Beef Becomes a NEXTY Award Finalist

1 Source, a new and innovative ground beef product from Zephyr Foods, was just announced as a finalist in the Natural Products Expo East 2019 NEXTY Awards. 1 Source is the only Arkansas-based product on this coveted, international list and is being recognized in the category of Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product.
Michael Turley, founder and CEO of Zephyr Foods stated, “Our 1 Source product is the answer to a consumer demand for better, more traceable products – especially with ground beef. Most commercial packages contain bits of up to 1,000 different cows from multiple countries. That’s not the case with 1 Source. It’s a more reliable and great-tasting product, and we’re honored it’s being recognized as a NEXTY Award finalist. This is big for us.”
The NEXTY Awards are a twice-annual awards program in which New Hope Network recognizes the most innovative, inspirational and integrity-driven products in the natural products industry. For the 2019 Expo East awards, judges have narrowed down more than 400 nominated products from across the country to a pool of 62 impressive finalists across 22 categories with only 3 finalists per category, and 1 Source ground beef from Zephyr Foods made the cut. 

In addition to each package being 100% traceable to a single animal, 1 Source ground beef is sourced from 100% Pure American Black Angus that has been born and raised on family-owned farms. Each animal has been humanely handled from farm to harvest. And because 1 Source is made from all the best whole muscle cuts, the flavor is unmatched by any commercially available ground beef.
The NEXTY Awards are connected to New Hope Network’s largest annual natural product expos: Natural Products Expo West in March and Natural Products Expo East in September. The finalists and winners of the NEXTY Awards go through a rigorous submission and two-tiered judging process. Nominees complete a questionnaire and send samples of their product to the New Hope Network in Boulder, Colorado. A New Hope Network team and panel of industry judges sample each product and evaluate on the NEXTY Awards pillars of innovation, inspiration, and integrity.
Only one product per category will be awarded a coveted NEXTY Award, and the winner in each category will be announced on the show floor in Baltimore between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Thursday, September 12th. In addition, New Hope gives out five or six Editors' Choice NEXTY Awards on the final day of each Natural Products Expo. 

For the full list of NEXTY Award finalists, visit the New Hope Network site
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