5 Reasons Why 1 Source Ground Beef Is Worth It

1 Source Ground Beef in package

At first glance, you might wonder why 1 Source ground beef is so special – why it is worth the premium price tag. Today, we're breaking down exactly what you get with 1 Source ground beef compared to conventional ground beef and why it costs a little more. Here are five reasons why it's the best ground beef and totally worth it.

It's from One Source

First and foremost, as the name implies, 1 Source ground beef is from one single animal! You might be thinking, well, isn't all ground beef from one cow? Isn't it just one animal in that one-pound package of ground beef in my grocery story meat case? The answer is a resounding no!  A study out of Penn State found that a typical pound of ground beef can contain up to 1,367 different animals. Let that sink in for a minute – 1,367! 1 Source comes from one single animal that can be traced back to one U.S. family farm. Its traceability is unmatched because there is essentially no tracing required – we know exactly which animal each pound of our ground beef comes from.

It's Basically Steak

Now you might be asking yourself, why does conventional ground beef contain traces of hundreds of animals? Because conventional ground beef is typically made from the leftovers – the literal bits and pieces of trim that is left over at the end of processing. Now let that sink in – bits.and.pieces. But not 1 Source! 1 Source is made from all of the premium steak cuts, including the whole brisket, ribeye, chuck, sirloin, rib and tri-tip. There are no bits and pieces of the leftovers in a pound of 1 Source ground beef, just high-quality cuts of steak. The result is outstanding flavor you won't find in any other ground beef. 

It's All American

Have you asked yourself yet where those 1,367 animals might come from? The answer to this one is all over the world. That's right. The bits and pieces in conventional ground beef can come from different countries across the globe. You might look at the ground beef in your refrigerator and see that it says, "Product of…", "Made in…", or nothing at all, letting you assume it's from the U.S. So how can it be bits and pieces from all over the world then? A product can be labeled as a product of the U.S. as long as it is further processed in the U.S., regardless of where the beef is actually from. So, it can come from ten different countries, for example, and still be labeled as American. But 1 Source is truly an American product! One high-end animal from one U.S. family farm is what you get in a package of 1 Source. 

It's 100% Black Angus

What makes it "high-end" you might now ask? 1 Source ground beef is not just one animal from one U.S. family farm, it is also the highest quality beef – Black Angus. In one pound of 1 Source you get only 100% pure American Black Angus. Conventional ground beef, as we've discovered, is the leftovers from different animals that just need to be used, regardless of quality (and, spoiler alert, it's not even usually the best quality bits of meat). Black Angus is known for its fine marbling, which means the fat is disperse evenly across the meat. The result is more tender, juicy and flavorful meat. You can tell its Black Angus because it has a buttery tenderness and rich, beefy flavor - the flavor you'd expect from your steak! 

It's Good for 21 Days

You probably know that when you buy a pound of ground beef from the grocery store, you had better plan to use it or freeze it in a day or two. But not with 1 Source! Each pound of 1 Source ground beef is packaged in a unique vacuum sealed tray to preserve quality and ensure safety for up to 21 days. That's right, 21 days. This means more flexibility with your meal planning or when things just come up, and you didn't get to use that ground beef as planned. You aren't throwing valuable food and dollars in the trash!  

Why does 1 Source cost a little more? Because in one pound of this ground beef you get just one animal – a 100% pure American Black Angus that's been pastured raised on a family farm and humanely handled from farm to harvest that is good for up to 21 days from the store or after thawing. The result is a truly American product made of premium cuts from premium beef, bringing a flavor to your burger like you've never experienced! 

Head over to our web store, and stock up on your 1 Source ground beef today! 

Written By

Jill Turley, MS, RD/LD

Jill Turley is the Chief Creative Officer at Real Noshes. She is a registered dietitian, joyous eater, lover of the kitchen and fan of keeping life simple. She resides in Northwest Arkansas and is mom to a four-year-old whackadoodle and equally whacky bernedoodle. Follow her food adventures on Instagram @realnoshes and check-out www.realnoshes.com for more resources and kitchen fun.


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5 Reasons Why 1 Source Ground Beef Is Worth It
At first glance, you might wonder why 1 Source ground beef is so special – why it is worth the premium price tag. Today, we're breaking down exactl...
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