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Big Sexy Food

Our 1 Source premium ground beef means exactly that, 1 Source from 1 single traceable animal. Other commercial ground beef can contain the meat of up to 1,000 different cows from multiple different countries. 1 Source ground beef leaves no question about the source and contents of your meat.

1 Source ground beef is traceable to a single Black Angus cow raised on an American family farm.

Big Sexy Food.

The very Best Burger.

Chef Brent Hale founded Big Sexy Food in January of 2016 specializing in high-end, in-home dining. Big Sexy Food expanded into the food truck business in August of 2016 because, well, why not? Chef Hale was a recent winner of Guys Grocery Games on the Food Network, "Friend or Foe" episode. After experiencing 1 Source beef for himself, he made the move to switch all his ground beef to 1 Source. Better taste, more flavor, and knowing exactly where the beef comes from makes for a bigger, sexier burger. And who doesn't love that?

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A Big Sexy Win for the Customer.

Hands down, Chef Brent and the Big Sexy team make the most unique and best-tasting burgers. We believed his loyal customers would value our single-sourcing and quality assurance. Equally important, we knew we simply had better beef. We just needed Chef Brent to try it. No matter what attributes a product has or what the "story" is, it has to taste great. And our ground beef tastes beyond great. It's unlike anything else available on the market.

Needless to say, Chef Brent agreed we had something truly special, and it was worthy of his burgers and his brand. "Combining the best burger in the galaxy with the ability to give our customers this level of assurance about where their beef came...Wow, we're stoked about the possibilities!"

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1 Source starts with some of the very best Black Angus available in the US. This beef ends up at some of the most famous and discriminating restaurants in the country. We take that same carcass and blend the very best, flavorful cuts - the brisket, sirloin, ribeye - to create the highest quality ground beef on the market.

"It's really hard to convey to people just how good the beef tastes. But it is literally the difference between the worst meat you have ever eaten and a perfectly prepared ribeye." – Kevin Potter, Chief Customer Officer.

Want some for yourself? It's coming soon to retailers and via Zephyr's online delivery program!



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