Certified Glatt Kosher
100% U.S. Black Angus


No, we're not Jewish. But we love our Jewish friends. They've taught us a lot about animal health and how to eat as purely as possible on this earth. It's a gift we appreciate, and a lesson we put into every ounce of meat we produce.

While all of our beef is humanely raised and handled, our Barada Ranch products are specifically certified Glatt Kosher. Kosher requirements ensure that cattle are not only healthy, but also harvested with the utmost level of respect for the animal and for the laws of kashrut. Cuts of meat within this label include brisket, ribeye, rib roast, flat iron steak, and ground beef.

Premium Glatt Kosher beef that's certified by Star-K and enjoyed by everyone.

The Kosher Way

Our mission is to make high-quality Kosher beef available to consumers wherever they are. We ensure our products are harvested under strict Rabbinical supervision, and that our production process does not incorporate automated methods, but rather relies on the experience and ability of traditional meat cutters who are trained in quality.

Quite frankly, it's a level of quality that anyone can appreciate.

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Kosher is for Everyone

We believe Kosher is a standard everyone can trust and appreciate - whether you're Jewish or not. It all comes down to wanting great-tasting beef that has been inspected and harvested according to the strictest standards in the industry. That's what inherently comes with being Kosher.

It's no wonder so many parents prefer it for their families, and why so many people who are eating more consciously seek it out. The quality of Kosher is worth the discovery.

All American, All the Time

We take pride in the fact that our Kosher beef is all American. It comes from the healthiest, most prized U.S. Black Angus cattle across the country. It's pasture raised on family farms and harvested according to the strictest shechitah law. It delivers an unprecedented combination of "reserve" level steaks and Kosher certification - that any American can appreciate.

Quality From

Farm To Harvest

With Barada Ranch, you get 100% Pure American Black Angus that has been cared for and pasture raised on family-owned farms. Once it's harvested, this cattle is best known for its abundant, fine marbled meat. This marbling trait creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat, which is why it's our breed of choice. We believe in serving only the best.

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