1 Source • 100% U.S. Black
Angus • U.S. Pasture Raised



Our 1 Source premium ground beef means exactly that, 1 Source from 1 single traceable animal. Other commercial ground beef can contain the meat of up to 1,000 different cows from multiple countries. 1 Source ground beef leaves no question about the source and contents of your meat.

You get 100% Pure American Black Angus that has been pasture raised on family-owned farms. Each animal has been humanely handled from farm to harvest. And it's harvested according to the strictest shechitah law (Jewish law), ensuring a level of quality you can't get from any other label.

1 Source Products

Now you can have the same quality in your burger you demand from your steak.

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Humanely Raised & Handled on U.S. Family Farms.

We proudly source all of our Black Angus from U.S. farmers who share our commitment to the humane treatment of animals. The cattle are pasture raised and allowed to graze naturally on a healthy diet, which leads to more nutritious and better tasting beef.

Plus, you can feel good knowing you're supporting American family farms.

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American Farmers Deserve Our Support

We support the family owned farms that raise healthy, well-cared for animals. Creating a demand for quality cattle, and paying a fair price for it, allows farmers to refocus on the right things, like sustainability, taste, and customer satisfaction. It also allows family farms in America to thrive - and us to feel good about our purchases.

American Grown Tastes Better

To put it simply, U.S. beef is best. American Black Angus Beef, in particular, is known for its finely marbled meat, which means the fat is dispersed evenly against the actual cut of meat. This marbling trait creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat than other breeds, which is why it's our breed of choice. It's what we use in all of our beef products, including 1 Source ground beef.


Beef Matters

A recent study from Oklahoma State University reported that ground beef typically contains bits from over 100 cows, and in some cases up to 1,000. To optimize the fat content and produce it as cheaply as possible, it is not uncommon for a package to also contain cows from multiple countries. This issue has sparked more consumers to ask questions about their food and where it comes from.

This is why we developed 1 Source Beef. Our rigid production process ensures every package of premium ground beef is 100% traceable to a single animal. Now you can have the same quality in your burger that you demand from your steak.

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