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We know that you care where your food comes from and how it got there. At Zephyr Foods, you will know where and you will be happy with how.

Integrity In All Things

You want more than a great tasting product wrapped in a cool package. You want food from honest people and a source you can trust.

Zephyr Foods was founded by industry veterans on the premise that success can and should be built on integrity. Quality products, quality people, and the promise that neither will let our customers down.

That's why all of our Beef labels start with U.S. Black Angus cattle that are pasture-raised on small family farms. Then 100% of our beef is handled according to Kosher requirements, which are the most humane guidelines for processing beef. There is an assurance that comes with being Kosher that no other label or claim can deliver, and we're proud to bring this level of quality to your dinner table.

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Our standards are not the standard.

They are the exception.


Our 100% Black Angus is pasture raised from birth on U.S. Family Farms.


We source only Black Angus Cattle from the United States of America.


Our beef is handled according to the most humane Kosher requirements.


We stand by the family farmer by sourcing 100% Black Angus from U.S. Family Farms.

Certified Glatt Kosher, Humanely Raised & Handled, 100% U.S. Black Angus Beef

Finding fresh, Kosher-certified meat can be difficult in some parts of the country, and we want to change that. Our Barada Ranch label is STAR-K certified. This ensures the laws of shechitah, the most stringent and humane guidelines for processing beef, have been carefully followed.

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Ground Beef Made From A Single Animal, 100% U.S. Black Angus Beef

1 Source Beef is traceable to a single animal in the exact manner as a steak. Studies have shown that a single package of commercial ground beef can contain bits from 100 to 1,000 different cows from multiple countries. When you want the same quality in your burger that you want from your steak, come find us. We'll be here with the good stuff.

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Premium Cuts, Pasture Raised, U.S. Family Farms, 100% U.S. Black Angus Beef

Our Z Reserve label is reserved for only the very best beef. It is what you want when marbling matters, when tenderness is a must, and when flavor is paramount. Only hand-selected top two-thirds choice and prime cuts from the very best less than 30 month old Black Angus you have seen.

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